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Italian citizenship application

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Many, to  apply for Italian citizenship They acquire the iure sanguinis, many others, however, upon request with the concurrence of multiple subjective and objective factors.

We are talking about Italian citizenship. What is it exactly? How is it acquired and what is it entitled to?

Here are some helpful answers.

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How to acquire Italian citizenship

1) Italian citizenship is acquired completely naturally, therefore, automatically, in the following cases:

  • By birth of a person born to at least one of the Italian parents;
  • By birth on Italian territory by a foreigner born in Italy at the age of 18;
  • For adoption in the case of a minor adopted by an Italian citizen.

2) You can also request the Italian citizenship .
The acquisition and recognition of this condition occurs, upon request of the Italian citizenship for this purpose, under the following conditions provided by law:

  • Swear sanguis
  • By marriage
  • By residence

Italian citizenship application Jure Sanguinis

The main holders of jure sanguinis citizenship are Americans, Australians, Argentines, Brazilians, etc. who boast of ancestors of Italian nationality, who emigrated abroad years and years ago. This is the clientele that belongs to the International Lawyers Associates firm, the team of specialists with experience in the legal practices inherent in applying for Italian citizenship.

It is a question of an increasingly numerous client base that is attending the closing of the procedures related to the application of Italian citizenship in no more than six months compared to 4-7 years: these are the average times to obtain the application for recognition through the consular.

Italian citizenship application by marriage

There are also other cases in which the granting of Italian citizenship is allowed. One of them is marriage to an Italian citizen. The foreign citizen or stateless person, if in fact married to an Italian citizen, automatically acquires the right to request the acquisition of Italian citizenship.

For this request to be legitimate, the following conditions must be met:

  • Legal residence in Italy for at least one year;
  • Presence of children born or adopted by the spouses;
  • Legal residence in Italy for at least two years in the absence of offspring; However, these are the moments in the event that the couple has their residence abroad:
    • A year and a half in the presence of children born or adopted by spouses;
    • Three years of marriage, provided that there has not been or is in the process of dissolution, nullity, legal separation or termination of the civil effects of the marriage.

Italian citizenship application by residence

  • Italian citizenship can also be applied for due to the applicant's long residence in Italy as long as the following requirements are met:
    • 3 years of legal residence in Italy for the descendants (up to the second degree) of Italian citizens by birth and for those born in Italy;
    • 4 years of legal residence in Italy for EU citizens;
    • 5 years of service in the service of the Italian State, even abroad.
    • 5 years of legal residence in Italy for stateless persons, political refugees, persons adopted by adults by Italian citizens and for adult children of naturalized Italian parents;
    • 10 years of legal residence in Italy for non-EU citizens.

    In all the cases mentioned, the receipt of a personal or family income is mandatory. The latter is generally subject to an unquestionable and discretionary evaluation by the Ministry of the Interior, whose experts in the field take into account at least the 3 years prior to the date of the request made by the applicant.

Italian citizenship application for foreigners

The privileged channel for all foreigners who intend to acquire Italian citizenship and be guided throughout the process is to go to a specialized law firm. Only in this way can all the necessary personal documentation be obtained in a very short time, with the relative annotations and the records of the civil status offices.

International Lawyers Associates best responds to these needs. This team of lawyers and experts, through a wide network of offices abroad, in addition to all the aforementioned tasks, also takes care of all the procedures for the legalization of documents, including the placement of the apostille of the Hague the certificates.

All this, too, taking care of all sworn translations.

What is Italian citizenship entitled to?

With the acquisition of Italian citizenship, a citizen acquires the same rights and duties as any Italian citizen.

The former include the exercise of the right to vote, healthcare in Italy, legal protection. Among the latter, compliance with national legislation and all the obligations that derive from it.

Having the assistance of a specialized team, as you can guess from what has been said, can make a difference. It is better not to get caught up in cumbersome procedures from biblical times and to choose experts.

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