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Case of abduction of Italian citizen in Kenya

There are several hypotheses that analyze the fact to clarify it, one of the hypotheses is that it could have been abducted by the insurrectionary group of fundamentalist militiamen of Somalia.  

Silvia was a long-time cooperative in African countries under the Africa Milele NGO, which is primarily responsible for orphaned children. The abduction within the hypotheses studied is said to have been carried out through an armed assault inside the orphanage managed by the aforementioned NGO where the victim Silvina Constanza Romano cooperated.

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According to testimonies there were 80 people who organized and armed entered by assault and their language was Somali, so the track is reached that has been the Islamic fundamentalist group.
Case of abduction of Italian citizen in Kenya

The Islamic fundamentalist group (al Shabaab) that has been committing this type of terrorist actions in Kenya for years, even though this group had been kidnapping foreigners for a long time, opened this peculiarity to another hypothesis about the fact which it says has been perpetrated by another movement that operates in the area (Mombasa Republican council), which, not being a terrorist movement, could have agreement with other fundamentalist movements.

Therefore, this is the most concrete possibility of the incident, it is not the other to warn the authorities and the Italian government that the situation of the victim Silvina Constanza Romano is high risk.

In this case, the crisis group of the Italian Foreign Ministry is dealing with the kidnapping of the Italian volunteer Silvia Costanza Romano by armed extremists in Kenya, it should be noted that previously there were cases of other foreigners kidnapped in the Kilifi district by Islamist militants from Somalia.

The Public Prosecutor's Office in Rome has already opened an investigation because of the kidnapping of the Italian citizen in correspondence with the Criminal Code article "kidnapping for terrorist purposes."

All based on the bilateral and multilateral agreements concluded between Italy and these cooperation nations on terrorism control, organized crime, illicit drug trafficking and psychotropic substances along with a collaboration agreement to end terrorism.

It should be noted that there are several agreements concluded by Italy at the international level on the issue of terrorism, with the United States of America, the UN, Marroco, India, Hungary.  

These treaties can be found in their discussion In Rome, the headquarters of the? Farnesina degli affari esteri e della Cooperazione internazionale ?.

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    An armed group kidnaps an Italian volunteer in Kenya.

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