Court of Justice and Grand Section No. 191 - Extradition

Court of Justice and Grand Section No. 191

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Court of Justice and Grand Section No. 191

Court of Justice and Grand Section No. 191

Each member state may authorize the extradition of the citizen of another member state arrested in its own territory.

EU law must be interpreted to mean that, in the case of an EU citizen, subject to a request for extradition to the US. UU. has been arrested, for the purpose of the eventual execution of said request, in a member state different from that of a citizen, the situation of said citizen is within the scope of this right, since he exercised his right to move freely in the EU and that this request was made in the context of the extradition agreement between the EU and the United States on 06/25/2003 Articles 18 and 21, therefore, do not prevent the requested member state from making a distinction, on the basis of a constitutional law rule, between its citizens and citizens of other member states and authorizing such extradition, while prohibiting that of its own citizens, once it has previously authorized the competent authorities of the member state of which that person is a citizen to request delivery in the context of a mae and the last member state has not taken any action for this purpose (The case refers to one of our compat riotas investigated in the USA UU. for alleged anti-competitive agreements on money laundering and arrested in Germany)

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