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Sami Spath extradition between Italy and Colombia

Sami Spath extradition between Italy and Colombia

Thanks to the intervention of the Italian criminal lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli, who defends Sami Spath, said that in Italy they will have conditions according to the businessman.

We know that the processes of extradition between Italy and Colombia They are very diverse, but when it comes to the life of a person or their family, it becomes something really serious. This is what the Italian lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli claims, who defends businessman Sami Spath, says that his client will remain in Italy because of death threats received in Colombia.

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The businessman Sami Spath Storino with dual citizenship, Colombian by birth and Italian by adoption was imposed an insurance measure. Now in Italy they verify if the crime for which the monteriano is investigated, is contemplated in the extradition treaty.
Extradition of businessman Sami Spath

The supposed story of the millions of embezzlement in Cordoba that ended in Italy.

In Italian justice the businessman Sami Spath could condition his sentence, which is imposed in Colombia according to the Italian Criminal Code.

The businessman Spath Storino was arrested in Milan, Italy after passing through Madrid, Spain. In Milan Italy where he was arrested on May 12, after the interpol issued red circular.

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