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His sister thought he was dead, but he was being held for rape and torture.

The report of the disappearance of the businessman Alessandro Grasso from Cinisello Balsamo was filed last Thursday. But the 52-year-old had been arrested in Nice.

A las 15 horas del jueves, frente al mariscal Nocella, compareció la hermana de Alessandro Grasso, un empresario de 52 años en el sector del mueble con sede en Cinisello Balsamo, quien interpuso la denuncia ante los carabinieri en Ventimiglia, donde vive.
At 3 pm on Thursday, in front of Marshal Nocella, Alessandro Grasso's sister, a 52-year-old businessman in the furniture sector based in Cinisello Balsamo, filed a missing complaint with the carabinieri in Ventimiglia, where he lives.

She was convinced that her brother Alessandro had been murdered, but he had already been in prison for four days in Nice, France. He had been arrested on Sunday for the rape and torture of a woman (who lives on the French Riviera), and had been saved by French police from an attempted lynching by the alleged victim's friends, the same friends who then flooded Grasso's social media profiles with death threats.

There are many things wrong with this story, starting of course with its conclusion, with the devastating accusation and the discovery of the arrest, thanks to the judicial investigation. Lawyers Sophie Jonquet and Alexandro Maria Tirelli, of the international criminal law firm "International Lawyers Associates", say that this is a "story that has yet to be told, which was born in a murky and shadowy atmosphere". The victim and the accused, until a short while ago, had a warm and cordial relationship".

However, no one can foresee the unfathomable ways of the human soul, and in this particular case a sudden and bloody disturbance in the peaceful, ordinary and orderly existence of the businessman is excluded. That said, in her complaint to the Carabinieri, the sister refers to the visit to Ventimiglia of a woman from France, who told her about a drinking party organised in Nice, attended by both Grasso and her friend, with the latter, who, after having sexual relations with the man, was hospitalised with injuries compatible with rape and injuries to the rest of her body. After learning of the visit (which took place last Sunday morning, the same day of the arrest), Grasso told his sister that he was going to France to better understand the situation and that as a first stop he would go to the hospital, where the woman's acquaintances saw him and were about to beat him up. Until Thursday, the day of the complaint, the sister called Grasso on his mobile phone and sent him messages by Whatsapp, which were never read as a result of the confiscation of the mobile phone. Sources from the French investigation report that three hypotheses are being investigated: the first concerns a sadomasochistic sexual game with the situation escaped by both of them, who were in agreement, or with the woman's decision at a given moment, not accepted by the businessman, to escape. Another hypothesis is that Grasso could have been trapped, although it is not yet known how or why. The last hypothesis explores the environment of the alleged victim, surrounded by friends, who reminded the 52-year-old man on social networks: "You're gonna die, you know", fearing revenge in prison.

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    His sister believed him dead, instead he was in jail for rape and torture.

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