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Luxury hotels and paintings to pay for cocaine in the city of narcos

Luxury hotels and paintings by Chirico to pay for cocaine: the city of drug traffickers.

Three bands, two continents, one city. Always the same and Milan in the center of the narcotics hunt of the mobile team in the "cartel" formed by Italians, Spaniards and Brazilians who transported hundreds of kilos of cocaine from Porto Seguro, in the state of Bahia, along a trip on sailboats and yachts that touched the Costa Brava, Isola d'Elba and Liguria where he finally ended up here, in an operational and decision-making center, at the “Crespi” inn on 15th Street of Via Pietro Crespi, a side street of Viale Monza. The conclusion of the investigation, coordinated by the Directorate of Anti-Mafia District, with precautionary precautions signed by the investigating magistrate for 49 people and procedural developments, allows to know the men, places, strategies and dynamics of the Milan of the narcos .

The bankers of evil The Hosteria "Crespi" was owned by Roberto Biffi, 50, and Augusto Landi, 55. Emissaries from Spain and Brazil arrived in that room. Afternoons and nights of negotiations on charges, examinations of possible landings by sea, agreements on sums and “safe” channels to move money. One of these channels leads to Switzerland, in a bank owned by an Israeli family that, behind a respectable (and untouchable) facade, would have transmitted hundreds of thousands of euros among cocaine buyers, always of excellent quality and its suppliers. Considering the volumes and costs, the dismissal could mean a certain death after the seizure in Peschiera Borromeo of 63 kilos of drugs for a "countervalue" of one million 700 thousand euros, and after the simultaneous detention of a custody of that Charge and attributable to the Milanese band, five Spaniards appeared in the city and demanded payment of the money. They took it in particular with Ivan Giordano, a 40-year-old from Sesto San Giovanni. First meetings "conciliatory" and continuous reaffirmation ("Silence, we solve it, we are not in Colombia"), then threats, weapons under the nose, the assumption of information on the daily life of the "target" in anticipation of an ambush to close With blood the question.

Guarantor and "guilty" of the narcotics phone calls engaged in an investigation, they report conversations of growing anger and desperate search for a solution since Giordano needed guarantees and got them thanks to the delivery to the "creditors" of valuable watches and two paintings of From Chirico obtained through unspecified friends. They had a high-level life, the narcos: when they were not in the houses of Via Marghera and Via Pastrengo, they slept in the luxurious hotels of the Piazza della Repubblica and the Quadrilatero. On the boats and yachts that left Porto Seguro, there were huge amounts of cocaine. The ambitions of "growth": Antonio De Falco, 43, had begun to probe the northern European market to open a new route. Even at the intersections, De Falco was nicknamed "Scholes," like the former English midfielder, while another was Paolo Riccioni, 48, was "Zarate," already a Lazio and Inter striker.

These references to football may not be casual, given that one of the heavy pieces of the "cartel", Massimiliano Amato, 49, was the head of Naples Ultra. He was the "Bandito", in a sample of nicknames that included the various "Barbone", "Bauscia", "Pippone" and that "Lola", Manu López González, 45, who in an interception made clear the term for indicate the drug laboratory (the "kitchen"), within an insipid language in secret code, almost as if the narcos were believed to be impunity, strong in a system that easily overlooks the controls at the ports. The lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli defends Alberto José Penalver Navarrete, 45, a native of Barcelona, another decisive city in the "cartel" movements that used Spain as an intermediate stage. Tirelli does not hide the perplexities "with regard to the slowness of the investigations compared to the reconstruction of the facts" and expects "a quick conclusion of the sentence." Among the 49 of the investigating judge, there is also an American, Charles Mitchell Livingston, a 69-year-old captain who had retired to serve the drug traffickers. The sailboat «Nicole» was driving, able to cross the Atlantic and take more than half a ton of cocaine to Europe.

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    Luxury hotels and paintings by Chirico to pay for cocaine: the city of drug traffickers.

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