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Persecuted in exchange for former terrorist Battisti, the story of the businessman fleeing from Brazil.

Brazil has allowed the capture of the former red terrorist and now Italy must hand me over to President Bolsonaro ». The Italian businessman Renato De Matteo Reginatto, 37, an Italian citizen who speaks perfect Portuguese, married to a Brazilian, speaks through one of his lawyers.

It is still unclear whether he is a Scrooge of the Scrooge or a scammer of both worlds. It is far from Brazil, where it ended up in the middle of a mega-judicial case for an alleged astronomical fraud of approximately 1.3 billion dollars paid in pension funds in 28 cities in seven states and then disappeared.

A mega-scam that would have caused multitudes of savers to cry with the attached hypothetical recycling that would have occurred from 2012 to 2016. Some time ago, Mr. Renato has landed in the United States. Authorities say he made the Nabob invest money in ships, real estate in New York, Miami, Boston and other businesses.

Brazilian newspapers have talked about it and even the busy Italian community. And in Italy begins the other story of the entrepreneur. In February, the manager was arrested in Rome by order of the Brazilian authorities. With all these accusations it seems an inevitable conclusion.

However, the same judiciary abroad that wanted him behind bars seems to be contradictory. He pronounces on him several times, a few days apart, defining Reginatto as guilty and the next as a stranger in the criminal matter. A series of sealed papers that for the lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli, one of his lawyers, would represent "a true indignation of international law" and would reveal more.

The manager, is the idea of the lawyer, is the counterpart of a negotiation between the two States. An unwritten pact that would have put an end to more than thirty years of escape from the former super fugitive wanted for four murders committed (confessed later) in Belpa in the late 70s. Battisti's latest movements would prove it: expelled from Brazil, accepted From Bolivia, handcuffed by our Services.

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Cesar Battisti

According to the reconstruction of the defense, the alleged exchange of Battisti-Reginatto would lead to a tangle of judicial acts, "the proof, according to Tirelli, of the persecution of which the businessman is a victim, without any legal basis." In essence, South American justice first accuses Reginatto, then revokes the arrest.

He returns to request his extradition and, once again, removes it from the wanted list. It looks like Penelope's canvas: it is made and then undone. Italian justice is at stake. On February 12 of this year in Rome, by mandate of the Federal Court of Sao Paulo (Brazil), the magistrates arrest the businessman for fraud.

Two days later they are discarded. On the 18th of the month another extradition request from San Paolo. Forty-eight hours later, the appeal for capital, but with minor measures: obligation to sign and retrieve expatriation documents. Other race

On March 19, the Federal Regional Court of Brazil revoked the arrest order two months earlier, canceled Reginatto from the red list of villains who were to be captured and the Brazilian Court of Appeal declared against him that there was no place for proceed to arrest January 18, 2019. Now the new event.

This is the extradition request of the Brazilian Prosecutor's Office of Minas Gerais based on the arrest warrant of November 8, 2018 for a fact already dealt with by the Federal Court of the judicial section of San Paolo.

Many criminal provisions that could be justified by the numerous procedures opened in cities of different states of Brazil against Reginatto "but absolutely unjustified - Tirelli continues - because a person cannot be tried twice for the same crime."


Currently Renato De Matteo Reginatto is in Rome. It is under investigation, subject to the obligation to sign. Not shown Does not answer written questions. He answers his cell phone only with complimentary messages. His lawyer says: «It is the thorn of our Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede.

On the day of the repatriation of Cesare Battisti at the Ciampino airport in Rome - Tirelli scratches - appeared at the edge of the runway together to the colleague Interior Minister Salvini «.

In mid-April, the lawyer wrote a letter to Minister Bonafede to explain this “flagrant political and judicial persecution that represents a real indignation to the sacred principles that inspire international law and the specific treaty of cooperation in criminal matters that unites our country . to Brazil ”and concludes by referring to the fund Tirelli refers to the“ suspicion of weakness of the Italian government in its relations with the Brazilian government in the matter now clarified, which runs the risk of sacrificing, also on the basis of recent extradition episodes and sensational, a success, on the altar of the right bilateral relations with Brazil the irrepressible right of freedom of an Italian citizen ».

Informed of the facts, the Ministry of Justice has not yet provided its own version.

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    It is the bill that the Italian State must pay for the successful delivery of Cesare Battisti.

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