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The hostage manager of justice: «Guilty». «No, he is innocent»

Twice, Renato de Matteo Reginatto, 37, was found guilty by Brazilian magistrates, but exonerated by compatriot judges. The San Paolo Prosecutor's Office requested his capture and demanded the extradition of Italy, where the manager lives.

The hostage manager of justice, guilty according to the Brazilian magistrates of the sixth federal court of Sao Paulo, who issued an international arrest warrant to demand (and obtain) the arrest of the Italian authorities.

Indeed, not innocent according to the judges, always Brazilians, of the Federal Court. Again found guilty by the first, and once again proclaimed innocent by the second. Now, in the short span of a year, the financial manager Renato De Matteo Reginatto, 37, born in Brazil but always residing in Italy, in the Corso Buenos Aires area, has been convicted for the third time.

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After a total of two months of house arrest, De Matteo Reginatto has seen that the penalty is reduced to the obligation to sign.
Renato by Matteo Reginatto

 But is he guilty or innocent? And is it possible to have a diversity of judgments so opposite and repeated?

The prosecution claims that the administrator, through criminal activities, has also acquired, on behalf of the candidates and offshore companies, real estate in the United States for ten million dollars.

There is another strangeness in this story, or it may not be so, and it comes from the deep interest of the Italian Ministry of Justice that "urges" to accelerate the practice, accepting the convictions of the magistrates, who place the manager in the center of a large scam against pension funds in Brazil.

The same magistrates, when asking Italy to capture them, have twice claimed (and in fact we have reached the third) the extradition of De Matteo Reginatto, except that the Court of Appeal of Rome, upon receiving the documents of the Brazilian judges, He noted that there are no reasons why the accused should be accompanied to Brazil.

The affected person, who lives from freedom to handcuffs and vice versa, has become a hostage. Meanwhile, observes his lawyer, Alexandro Maria Tirelli, «the rules of the treaty between Italy and Brazil that prevent multiple delivery requests in relation to the same facts have been violated«.

The facts are the same as the repeated accusation against De Matteo Reginatto leads, punctually, to the investigation of pension funds. Then, the lawyer continues, assisted by his colleague Nicola Corrado, «From a political point of view, I do not want my client to be considered by the Executive as a simple negotiation chip, after the tormented capture of Cesare Battisti«.

It is true that, after years of protection, in 2018 Brazil revoked, by decision of the new president Bolsonaro, the status of a political refugee against the terrorist, the first step in extradition. It is also true that, last December, Battisti escaped from Brazil, avoiding a surveillance that should be greater: the arrest of the fugitive, found in Bolivia in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, at 5 pm on Saturday, January 12, It is by no means taken for granted, and came thanks to a difficult hunt led by Interpol and Bolivian police.

But it is equally true that, in the end, the terrorist has returned to Italy and that the Italian government has never concealed the most sincere gratitude to Brazil, regardless of the evolution of the capture and the individual and real merits.

The decision of the Court of Appeal, which considered that the scope of house arrest was "even" excessive, decided that De Matteo Reginatto sign (at the beginning on a daily basis and now once a week), which illustrates the zero risk of a possible flight from Italy of the manager, who is convinced that he has no responsibility in the fraud investigation.

The disputed episodes occurred between 2012 and 2016, configuring the crimes of criminal association, money laundering, fraud and embezzlement. Offenses generally paid with ten-year stays in the famous Brazilian galleys.

If you, a family member or acquaintance are being held for a crime, we can help you.

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    Only justice knows whether or not it is guilty, good news.
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    The hostage manager of justice, after a total of two months of house arrest, De Matteo Reginatto has seen that the penalty is reduced to the obligation to sign .. But is he guilty or innocent?

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