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Slow Italian magistrates free super narcos

Jaime Reynaldo Oyervides

MILAN - An important criminal, already included in the lists as one of the main ones as wanted, custodian of secrets and strategic pawn in the reading of the world assets of drug trafficking. Too bad we forgot about them for three long years and now it's too late.

From May 15, 2015 (when the arrest was ordered by the prosecutor of Naples) and until May 15 (when the Court of Naples ordered the release by the expiration of the terms of temporary custody which, meanwhile, also had doubled), Italian justice has complied with the routine procedures to obtain the extradition of Jaime Reynaldo Oyervides. The 48-year-old Mexican belongs to the bloodthirsty drug cartel of Los Zetas and is an important contact in the mafia in South America and the camorra in Italy. Until 2015, the clans had brought quintals of cocaine, hidden in industrial furnaces transported aboard ships.

Based on the device of the Naples Court, Oyervides had been arrested by the federal anti-drug agency and the Italian police who, as part of that operation called «Monterrey» by the name of the Mexican locality, had arrested another 33 criminals, seized for two and a half million euros, where he found a supply channel that flooded Milan, Brianza and Bergamo from the ports of Palermo and Naples.

It is also a failure for magistrates who should have questioned Oyervides, once the transfer from the Mexican prison to an Italian prison took place. They would have asked for links between Los Zetas and the mafia families of the Brancaccio district of Palermo, those of Naples and its interior. They would have explored this infrequent “born” criminal axis in the name of the highest degree of cocaine purity and the effectiveness of the transport system capable of making fun of customs controls. Through the lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli, who defended Oyervides, relatives informed him that he pleaded not guilty and will prove it. At the same time, as reported by Neapolitan research sources, one cannot but remember that in the three long years it was difficult to "have" the Mexican defendant in an audience with a videoconference. Why? The hearings are held in the morning and the information machine of the court to the Ministry of Justice and from the latter to Mexico "activated" with his colleagues in South America "only" in real time. Regardless of the time zone. In Mexico the phones rang at night.

Once the “needs” linked to the “Monterrey” operation have been eliminated, for an investigator it is not and in fact would not have been, an act lost by having “an available Zeta”. The cartel is historically an ally of the Ndrangheta, but has an extended range of intercontinental action, profits and power. Starting from Italy.

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