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Information update: When does news become a crime?

? The response or confirmation of a false news, even if it was already known in the market, does not represent a subsequent non-punishable event, since it is also addressed to recipients who may have a greater persuasion for the convenience of the transaction or even to new investors not previously reached by the information issued ?. 

The judgment of July 20, 2011 (n.28932, Section V Criminal) states that `` the collection of information is an instant crime that is perfected at the time and place where a specific conduct of dissemination of information is carried out. fake news ?.

Also noteworthy is the sentence, from the same section of January 29, 2012, n. 4324 in which colleagues classify the crime of manipulation as a crime of abstract danger, since it requires that a typical behavior that causes the possibility of dissemination of incorrect information and as a result, occur significant alteration of the value of financial instruments.

Our law firm, led by criminal lawyer Alexandro María Tirelli, an expert in international criminal law, has frequently faced criminal trials in Italy and abroad, in which the accusation concerned the rise and fall of fraudulent prices. In the public market or in the stock exchanges, this is how the market manipulation

The penalties can be doubled in two cases: first if the fact is committed by the citizen in favor of foreign interests; and second, if the deed results in a depreciation of the national currency or government bonds, or generates an increase in the prices of raw materials or elements of common consumption.

The penalties established in the previous provisions also apply if the act is committed abroad, to the detriment of the national currency or Italian public securities. 

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