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Corporate, bankruptcy and tax crimes

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Corporate crimes, included in the list of crimes that can generate criminal and administrative responsibility for the Entity that commits them, are regulated in the body of private law, which establishes that it is a very serious class of crime, which the Jurisdiction to judge is delegated to the court in collegiate composition.

Within the framework of these crimes, all crimes consisting of false corporate communications and in particular, in the presentation of material facts that do not correspond to the truth, therefore, omissions in communication, information about the economic, patrimonial and / or company financial or group, capable of deceiving the recipients.

The reason for this fraudulent conduct, carried out by agents, therefore by general managers, administrators, auditors, liquidators of a company would have a utilitarian nature: they would operate in this sense to deceive shareholders and / or the public to obtain a illicit profit for oneself or for others .

If you, a family member or acquaintance are being held for a crime, we can help you.

Tax crimes: a category as broad as it is widespread

Other legal cases that can lead a company to sanction, including criminal ones, are those that are framed in conducts attributable to false and / or incomplete declarations of the data collected for the payment of taxes. We are in this case in the presence of the so-called tax crimes.

In this sense, a fraudulent declaration with the use of invoices or other useful documents to configure transactions or situations that are not real, therefore invented, counts for a lot. In all these cases, it is a serious crime, although quite insidious, that can be said to exist even in the case that a taxpayer who files an annual return for direct taxes or VAT uses invoices or other documents prepared for transactions . non-existent, with the aim of reducing the tax base and consequently the payment of the tax.

Also included in this channel is the crime of issuing invoices or other documents for non-existent operations committed in order to benefit third parties through tax evasion.

The fraudulent declaration through other devices is another type of crime sanctioned by law, in this case it is committed by those who take care of the mandatory accounting records.

Some examples: rubric of current accounts for nominees or family members, black bookkeeping, management of non-accounting funds, fictitious asset rubrics: all these behaviors acquire criminal relevance since they alter tax and VAT returns.

In the most serious cases, the lack of regular compliance with the accounting records can give rise to the hypothesis of the crime of concealment or destruction of accounting documents.

Bankruptcy crimes:

Included in the scope of bankruptcy offenses are all those criminally relevant acts carried out by the employer or other persons with interests, in the period prior to the declaration of insolvency or during the same.

The discipline that regulates this category of crimes is quite outdated, being the one referred to in title VI of the Royal Decree of March 16, 1942 n. 267, commonly known as the "Bankruptcy Law." A typical bankruptcy offense is bankruptcy, in its two forms: fraudulent bankruptcy and simple bankruptcy.

The winning tool for an ad hoc defense

Corporate crimes, tax fraud and bankruptcy crimes is another category of crimes with respect to which International Lawyers Associates carries out an integrated consultancy and defense.

As the consultants who report to this very valid associate firm have repeatedly emphasized, when it comes to tax crimes, bankruptcy and corporate crimes , we never refer to the same category of crimes, but sometimes even completely different from each other for different purposes.

For this, it is enough to think that tax crimes are provided for by an extra special law and that they can also represent a crime of an administrative-fiscal and even criminal nature.

It is precisely for this reason that it is essential that companies in some way involved or investigated for this type of crime turn to truly expert lawyers, such as those who report to the International Lawyers Associates staff.

In all these cases, in addition to legal defense in case of imputation, they also carry out preventive budgetary audits and make use of truly qualified accountants and auditors who tend to correct business management errors.

The criminal lawyers of the firm offer consulting services, suggesting alternative tax strategies to those always followed by the company, in order to avoid, upstream, during the operations of the company, any possible accusation of irregularities.

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