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Crime for illicit possession of weapons

The illicit possession of weapons is a criminal offense

Have prohibited or unlicensed weapons

The situation in which weapons considered illegal in a given country, military, biological weapons, explosive devices or legal weapons for which you do not have the appropriate permits or facilities are considered a crime for illegal possession of weapons.

The crime of illegal possession of weapons can be considered serious under the following circumstances:

  • Weapons deposits above the amount regulated by law
  • That there is an unregulated commercial activity with weapons
  • Belonging to criminal organization
  • Storage of military weapons, explosives or biological weapons
  • Use of weapons on public roads or unauthorized facilities
  • Prior theft of weapons
  • Illegal purposes

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Penalties for crime for illegal possession of weapons

When the illegal possession of weapons is considered mild, due to a storage or documentation failure, the sanction is usually in the form of a fine or withdrawal of weapons permits, but if the crime is considered serious, the penalties are significantly increased:

  • Penalty fee
  • Disabling
  • Withdrawal of weapons permits
  • Prison

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Crime for illegal possession of weapons

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