Crime for illicit possession of weapons

The illicit possession of weapons is a criminal offense

The illegal possession of weapons It is a punishable act that punishes the Penal Code because it considers it necessary to prosecute cases in which an individual shows unlicensed weapons, or prohibited weapons. If you are looking for a lawyer specialized in cases of illegal possession of weapons we are the ones, we help you find a criminal lawyer trusted in all Spain and Internationally.

What is the crime of illegal possession of weapons?

Have prohibited or unlicensed weapons

The situation in which weapons considered illegal in a given country, military, biological weapons, explosive devices or legal weapons for which you do not have the appropriate permits or facilities are considered a crime for illegal possession of weapons.

The crime of illegal possession of weapons can be considered serious under the following circumstances:

  • Weapons deposits above the amount regulated by law
  • That there is an unregulated commercial activity with weapons
  • Belonging to criminal organization
  • Storage of military weapons, explosives or biological weapons
  • Use of weapons on public roads or unauthorized facilities
  • Prior theft of weapons
  • Illegal purposes

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Penalties for crime for illegal possession of weapons

When the illegal possession of weapons is considered mild, due to a storage or documentation failure, the sanction is usually in the form of a fine or withdrawal of weapons permits, but if the crime is considered serious, the penalties are significantly increased:

  • Penalty fee
  • Disabling
  • Withdrawal of weapons permits
  • Prison

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Crime for illegal possession of weapons

Among these crimes are those related to the possession, trafficking and storage of weapons, ammunition and explosives. These crimes seek to protect collective security against the danger that the free movement of weapons would pose to individual security.

We can divide them into several sections:

Possession of Prohibited Weapons

a) Substantially modified firearms without the regulatory model or prototype authorization.

b) Long weapons that contain special devices, in their butts or mechanisms, to house pistols or other weapons.

c) Pistols and revolvers with a nock.

d) Firearms housed inside sticks or other objects.

e) Simulated firearms under the guise of any other object.

f) Knives of any kind and knives called automatic. Knives with blades less than 11 centimeters, double-edged and pointed will be considered daggers for these purposes.

g) Firearms, air or other compressed gas, real or simulated, combined with knives.

h) Wire or lead fenders; perfected slingshots and blowguns; munchacos and xiriquetes, as well as any other instruments especially dangerous for the physical integrity of people.

2. Will not be considered forbidden the possession of the weapons listed in this article by the museums, collectors or organizations referred to in article 107, with the requirements and conditions determined therein

Possession of Firearms without a license

The possession of regulated firearms, lacking the necessary licenses or permits, will be punished.

  • Penalty of 1 or 2 years in prison in the case of small arms
  • 6 months to 1 year if dealing with long guns
  • Serious case, in case the weapons have been altered, erased or lack a number or mark.
  • Serious Case, illegally introduced into the National Territory
  • Serious Case, have been transformed by modifying their original characteristics

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