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Penal, financial and defensive investigations

We cover all the needs of the detainee, his family and loved ones.

We often hear about defensive, criminal, banking and subjective investigations but, in reality, very little is known about them. When it comes to investigations, the activity carried out by law enforcement and police chiefs immediately comes to mind, but in reality, defensive investigations go far beyond the public interest.

Civil and criminal proceedings, both in the preliminary and executive phases, may in fact require, in the subjective interest of one or more people, an information and intelligence activity that presupposes the need to collect some sensitive information about third parties that, in the case of the contrary, they do their best to keep them confidential or secret.

If you, a family member or acquaintance are being held for a crime, we can help you.

Defensive Investigations: Here Are The Cases You Can't Delay

Well, this activity of acquiring the secret information that underlies the conduct of investigations defensive, criminal, banking and subjective it can be fundamental and essential in the event that judicial processes are sought.

Consider the case in which it becomes necessary to exhibit evidence, prove a circumstance, unmask a harmful plan. It may also happen that it is necessary to prove one's own reasons or even know the real balance of a person or a company to - just to give an example - cause a case of compulsory execution or credit recovery.

Many law firms are in a position to entrust subjective criminal, banking and defensive investigations to third parties and, very often, do so by resorting to more or less serious private investigation agencies.

Perhaps I do not know the activity that the law firm International Lawyers Associates that operates with criteria of equity, truthfulness and legality that have no equal elsewhere.

In fact, the team of this study personally manages the cognitive investigations carried out thanks to its completely internal research department.

The latter is made up of valid professionals who have decades of experience in the world's leading companies in the research sector. No investigation is excluded of the activity carried out by these professionals who also deal with investigations directed to the location of people, assets with worldwide extension , since they operate not only nationally and internationally, but throughout the world.

How to respond to the needs of procedural promptness and confidentiality in defensive investigations

Given that the execution times of defensive, criminal, banking and subjective investigations are inevitably reduced, precisely in accordance with the procedural and / or client needs, it is well understood how it is essential to carry out the necessary defensive investigations in time.

In this case, therefore, it is necessary to operate with extreme punctuality, as well as, of course, with correctness, precision and courtesy.

When conducting defensive investigations, the purely technical aspects to be analyzed from time to time must be taken into account, always maintaining faith in the criteria of correctness, confidentiality and common sense required, in particular, precisely in the intelligence sector.

How Defensive Investigations Are Conducted

Each of the operations related to the correct development of defensive, criminal, banking and subjective investigations is carried out after dialogue and interface with the client.

It is precisely taking into account the needs that arise from the result of this interview that the operational methods of concrete action aimed at obtaining the necessary key information are defined.

To carry out defensive, criminal, banking and subjective investigations in a hard-working, timely and efficient manner, the International Lawyers Associates law firm operates by offering the following services:

In the field of subjective, criminal and defensive investigations

  • personal investigations;
  • tracking of missing persons;
  • broad spectrum cognitive surveys of the person;
  • verification of satellite communication systems, GPS and IT.

In the field of bank investigations

  • banking investigations around the world;
  • investigation of positions on national banking institutions and geolocation of positions;
  • credit management services;
  • research on databases of national and foreign bad payers;
  • track debtors;
  • verification of records in local and national conservatories;
  • in-depth analysis of Italian companies;
  • search for assets and heirs;
  • search for assets and heirs;
  • credit recovery around the world;
  • Personalized advice on how to protect or recover credit.

Defensive investigations can really alter the outcome of a lawsuit.

  • They can decree victory or failure. That is why it is vitally important to have expert personnel, qualified to operate in the sector and capable of doing so with honesty, competence, professionalism and punctuality.

Assistance to the detainee at the police station

We maintain contact between the affected person and their relatives and loved ones

Before an arrest, the highest priority is to receive specialized legal assistance as soon as possible and to maintain contact with the outside.

 If you or a loved one has been arrested, we can help you.

Assistance at the police station

Assistance to the detainee in the same police units within 12 hours to cover all the needs of the affected person and his family.

Specialized advice

We offer information, assistance and advice to the detainee and his family for the duration of the entire process.

Maximum privacy

Personalized treatment and maximum privacy and discretion for the detainee and his family.

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