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Application of sanctions to a criminal association

The subjects who promote, constitute or organize the criminal association are punished, only for the predicate offense, with a custodial sentence of three to seven years. For the mere fact of participating in the association, the penalty is imprisonment from one to five years. Leaders are subject to the same sanction established for promoters. If the associates are armed on the public highway, a prison sentence of five to fifteen years is applied (1). The penalty increases if the number of members is ten or more.

In the case of slavery or maintenance, human trafficking, organ trafficking, purchase and sale of slaves

If the criminal association has as its object the commission of any of the crimes referred to in articles 600 (Reduction or maintenance of slavery or servitude), 601 (Trafficking in persons), 601-Bis (Trafficking in organs extracted from a living ) and 602 (Purchase and alienation of slaves), as well as article 12, paragraph 3-bis of the consolidated text of the provisions relating to the discipline of immigration and the rules on the condition of the foreigner, the custodial sentence from five to fifteen years in the cases provided for in the first paragraph and from four to nine years in the cases provided for in the second paragraph.

When it comes to harming the child

If the purpose of the association is to commit such crimes to the detriment of a minor under eighteen years, 609-quater, 609-quinquies, 609-octies, a prison sentence of four to eight years is applied in the cases provided for in the first paragraph . and imprisonment for two to six years in the cases provided for in the second paragraph (3).

Assistance to the detainee at the police station

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 If you or a loved one has been arrested, we can help you.

Assistance at the police station

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