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Criminal defense in Australia

We cover all the needs of the detainee, his family and loved ones.

The Australian continent has been the subject, since the 1960s, of a very strong process of European and non-European immigration. International Lawyers Associates He has been doing important professional work for years in favor of Italians, English, Lithuanians, Russians, Indians who have placed their interests in Australia, or who support their families or their properties and companies in that country.

It is necessary to mention our most frequent activities on the island and the places where we do them. Naturally, as in many other nations of the world, we are in a position to constitute a defense body capable of assisting in the trial, and also in the phase outside the magistrate's room, all the subjects who are called to answer before the Judge, accused. from any crime, from theft to murder, from drug trafficking to bankruptcy. From experience, our team has been involved in very complex extra-traditional events.

It has not been uncommon in the past that Australia was considered an escape destination for fugitives and bandits, sought after by police states around the world. Important members of criminal associations and gangsters in Australia found their place of refuge, and were later captured to be tried in their countries of origin or to serve the sentences that had been previously imposed on them.

If you, a family member or acquaintance are being held for a crime, we can help you.

Children's rights and family law in Australia

Another area particularly followed by our team is the law of the minor and the family, and the phenomenon of international child abduction.

Australia is one of the signatory countries of the Hague Convention for the protection of the rights of the child; Furthermore, Australia is one of the countries that applies the principles of the Convention in a more literal and correct way.

Legal collaborations in Australia

If there is a nation in the world, still closely linked by legal and economic interests, to the 5 that contain the world, that is Australia. International Lawyers Associates can help clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane.

The law firm provides its clients who cannot speak English with a group of mother-tongue translators: the assistants are Russian, Ukrainian, Italian and Chinese speaking.

Assistance to the detainee at the police station

We maintain contact between the affected person and their relatives and loved ones

Before an arrest, the highest priority is to receive specialized legal assistance as soon as possible and to maintain contact with the outside.

 If you or a loved one has been arrested, we can help you.

Assistance at the police station

Assistance to the detainee in the same police units within 12 hours to cover all the needs of the affected person and his family.

Specialized advice

We offer information, assistance and advice to the detainee and his family for the duration of the entire process.

Maximum privacy

Personalized treatment and maximum privacy and discretion for the detainee and his family.

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    Matters related to extradition, the European arrest warrant, international letters rogatory, as well as all events related to aspects of judicial cooperation between countries and between police forces, has always represented a particularly complicated issue in our country. Imagine the difficulties that those involved may encounter for personal or family reasons when seeking protection, but what exactly is the European arrest warrant? And who deals with the issue in our country?