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Criminal defense in European Union countries

We cover all the needs of the detainee, his family and loved ones.

International Lawyers Associates is the first Italian law firm that deals with criminal law at the European level, defending its clients in criminal legal defense in the states of the European Union. As is well known, European Union regulations have allowed lawyers from member states to exercise criminal defense before the courts of any EU country. We can proudly say that our law firm is made up of professionals who speak Italian, English, French and Portuguese indiscriminately and have in-depth knowledge of the national legislation of each member country of the European Union.

There is more: International Lawyers has the collaboration of more than 80 lawyers in the most important European cities, which allows immediate and constant access to the offices of the local Courts, as well as the possibility of constantly visiting the prisoner, wherever he is .

The assistance system of International Lawyers Associates provides for the establishment of a defense board, composed of one lawyer at the Italian office and another at the client's place of detention, to maximize the defense and serenity of the accused and his family, often residents hundreds of kilometers from the place of detention. arrest of the relative,

Criminal Legal Defense in Spain

Historically, the law firm has dealt with important lawsuits that have seen its clients accused in different cities of Spain.

In most cases, processes of European relevance, related to accusations of international drug trafficking, criminal associations, international child abduction, etc.

Our criminal law firm is strongly established in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante. But it is also present in the Malaga and Seville area, as well as in Zaragoza, Santander and Bilbao. Special mention should be made of the numerous defenses, especially generated by summer and youth episodes, related to litigation of illicit conduct on the islands: Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Formentera and the Canary Islands, mainly Tenerife.

International Lawyers Associates makes use of several addresses in these localities, and goes to the site with his lawyers, promptly and responsibly, where a criminal trial arises, guaranteeing the client maximum assistance 365 days a year.

Legal Criminal Defense in Portugal

Portugal and Brazil are two areas where a close and intense professional collaboration for the defense has emerged, so much so that the same trials followed by the lawyers of International Lawyers Associates they have often been the subject of national and international press attention.

The criminal law firm operates constantly in the city of Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Faro.

Legal Criminal Defense in France and Belgium

International Lawyers Associates pays great attention to defense and professional collaboration with various law firms in the Alps. Dozens and dozens of trials for drug trafficking and money laundering were held in French towns located on the two main axes of drug trafficking routes (originating in Amsterdam and Barcelona).

The law firm is based in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Annecy. But it operates constantly in Bordeaux, Perpignan, Montpellier, Toulon, Toulouse (in Provençal France) and Lille.

The law firm has also handled international affairs in overseas regions, particularly Guadeloupe and the French West Indies. The law firm also operates in Brussels and Liège.

Legal Criminal Defense in Germany

criminal legal defense germany The presence of a large community of Italian emigrants, now in their second generation, has made the law firm's activities constant throughout German territory and in all German Landers.

International Lawyers Associates has a fixed correspondence office in the city of Berlin, at its domicile and regular partner, but given the immensity of the German territory, the law firm has built a network of professionals, active and present in Munich, Stuttgart, Hannover, Frankfurt, Dresden, Leipzig, Hamburg and Bremen.

Particular attention is paid to issues related to the European arrest warrant and the rules of intra-and extra-European judicial cooperation.

Criminal Legal Defense in Scandinavian Countries

Criminal legal defense Scandinavian countries The South American drug trafficking phenomenon sees the Kingdom of the Netherlands particularly involved as a platform for the arrival and classification of large drug shipments, as well as the city of Amsterdam as a place for the production of synthetic drugs and for youth use.

Our criminal lawyers, since the beginning of the phenomenon of mutual recognition of the title of lawyer between the member countries of the European Union, have established strong ties and defensive collaborations, participating in very delicate processes, both in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, as well as in L 'farmyard, Utrecht and Eindoven.

The field of action of International Lawyers it then spread to the capitals of the Scandinavian countries and beyond. The very high defense costs in the Scandinavian countries are determined by the law, which regulates the fees of defenders precisely and by the hour. Despite this, the high professionalism and seriousness of our Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish colleagues, has always allowed our international firm to fully satisfy the needs of our clients. In Sweden, we operate in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo. In Denmark, in nearby Copenhagen. In Norway, we are present only in Oslo and Fredrikstad, while in Finland we can operate in Helsinki, Tampere and Kuopio.

Criminal Legal Defense in the Central European area

Central European Criminal Legal Defense Special attention and professional interest receive the Central European Area countries from our international law firm: in particular Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Our law firm has physical offices in these countries, and generally operates in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg and Linz, as well as Upper Tyrol in Innsbruck, for the Austrian nation.

International Lawyers also has interpreters and translators to assist clients and their families, in such a way that they allow the complete realization of professional practices on site. The firm is present and carries out its activities also in the Czech Republic, in the cities of Prague, Brno and Ostrava, as well as in Znoimo. Our correspondents are always available also in Bratislava and Kosice.

In Hungary, International Lawyer Associates It has an office in Budapest, which covers the entire Hungarian territory, which in itself is not extensive and is protected by the new rules to block immigration outside the EU.

Legal criminal defense in Poland and the Baltic Republics

Criminal judicial defense Poland Baltic republics The deep infiltration of the Italian company in Poland and the Baltic area, and vice versa, the ramification on the European continent of mafias and crime in these regions have determined the formation of numerous professional agreements between International Criminal Lawyers Associates and numerous Polish colleagues, as well as the Republics of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

The extension of the Polish nation led to the decision to use a fairly large network, with addresses in the cities of Warsaw, Krakow, Szczecin and Lodz.

The presence of a real enclave of Russian territory within the continental territory of the European Union (Kaliningrad Territory) and free access to the area for non-European subjects without a visa, has made criminal defense necessary in nearby areas. particularly frequent Polish and Lithuanian cities of Gdansk and Kaunas. In particular, in Lithuania, we operate in Vilnius and Klapeda. In Latvia, however, only in Riga and Tallinn in Estonia.

Criminal Legal Defense in Romania

Criminal legal defense Romania The phenomenon of bilateralism and judicial cooperation between Italy and Romania and between Romania and the other countries of the European Union is particularly intense. It cannot be denied that it is in Romania that our international law firm finds one of its largest client bases.

Even the trials held in that country, with the collaboration of the best local lawyers, allowed us to achieve excellent and satisfactory professional results. The crimes dealt with are numerous: criminal association and computer fraud (especially in the Oradea area), money laundering and drug trafficking (with a significant presence of our homes in the port city of Constanta), child abduction, corporate and tax crimes, European arrest warrant, etc. We practice the profession, also through our local lawyers, in Bucharest, Timisoara, Costanza, Craiova, Satu Mare and Iasi.

The law firm also provides assistance in Greece, Slovenia, Ireland, as well as the United Kingdom, in addition to the latter leaving the European Union voluntarily, following Brexit.

The list of offices and addresses made above is an example, since International Lawyers Associates It can take on assignments before any Court of Justice, of any grade, and from any European city.

Assistance to the detainee at the police station

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    Matters related to extradition, the European arrest warrant, international letters rogatory, as well as all events related to aspects of judicial cooperation between countries and between police forces, has always represented a particularly complicated issue in our country. Imagine the difficulties that those involved may encounter for personal or family reasons when seeking protection, but what exactly is the European arrest warrant? And who deals with the issue in our country?