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Criminal Offence

At International Lawyers Associates we are experts in Criminal Crimes.

Criminal offenses are those that are subject to penalties of fine, seclusion, disqualification or death.

A criminal offense is one that is included in the criminal code and is considered illegal, whether or not there has been an intention to commit it. Criminal offenses may result in fines, imprisonment or execution depending on the country and the act committed, and it may also be possible to compensate the victim.

If you, a family member or acquaintance are being held for a crime, we can help you.

We are experts in criminal rights

In the event that a crime has occurred, it is necessary to receive specialized attention from the outset due to the complexity of the process. The lawyers of International Lawyers Associates are specialists in criminal law, we have a wide experience with crimes such as:

Illicit association

Illicit association

The grouping of individuals to carry out activities classified as illegal by the penal code is recognized as an illegal association ...

money laundering

Money laundering

It is known as money laundering the action of converting or transmitting goods that come from an illegal origin, in addition to the concealment of its…

Public health

Public health

Crimes against public health are those that are related to substances considered illegal in a given country as drugs ...

Fiscal fraud

Fiscal fraud

Tax Fraud or Fiscal Crime is one in which attempts are made to defraud the Public Treasury for an amount greater than the one established by the law of the country in which the crime occurs ...

Illicit possession of weapons

Illicit possession of weapons

The situation in which weapons considered illegal in a given country, military, biological weapons, explosive devices or weapons are considered illegal possession of weapons ...

Drug Traffic

Drug traffic

Drug trafficking is a criminal offense found within crimes against public health. Drug trafficking is considered the manufacture of narcotic drugs, distribution of narcotic drugs ...

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