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Crime for drug trafficking

Drug trafficking is a criminal offense

Manufacture and trade with illegal substances

The crime for drug trafficking is a criminal offense that is within the crimes against public health.

It is considered drug trafficking:

  • Narcotic drugs manufacturing
  • Distribution of narcotic drugs, drugs, psychotropic drugs
  • Trade and export illegal substances
  • Promote your consumption
  • Store these substances for distribution

The crime of drug trafficking is considered serious under the following circumstances:

  • Belonging to criminal organization
  • When the accused is a public official or a representative of the law
  • Minors have been used in the activity
  • In the case of amounts considered of importance
  • When accompanied by violence or other illegal activities
  • When the drug is distributed to minors
  • The substance implies serious damage to health
  • If ships, aircraft or public transport are used to commit the crime
  • When the activity occurs in public centers, schools, prisons or establishments.

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Penalties for drug trafficking

Depending on the nature of the crime and the country where the crime occurs, penalties can vary significantly, the most common being:

  • Disabling
  • Prison
  • Fines

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Crime for drug trafficking

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