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We offer legal assistance and criminal defense in all Italian cities and before every judge and court, of all types and levels. Our team responds 24 hours a day for emergencies. All the lawyers of our law firm are specialists in criminal law and international law and are known for their prestige in the Italian and European, as well as international, fields.

Have you been the victim of a medical error?

If you believe that you have suffered damage due to medical malpractice, the first thing you should do is determine if the conditions exist to validate your doubt and understand the limits to act.

Sami Spath Extradition

Thanks to the intervention of the Italian criminal lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli, who defends Sami Spath, said that in Italy they will have conditions according to the businessman.

Sami Spath and The Lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli at Tgcom24

The appeal of Sami Spath Storino, the Colombian businessman at risk of extradition: "Protect me" Sami Spath Storino, 35, a Colombian businessman with an Italian passport, has been for months the number sought by the authorities in Bogotá: arrested last May in Milan now risks being extradited to the country accusing him of having received huge health benefits of billions of pesos. He speaks exclusively on the NewsMediaset microphones and says: «I ask the Italian government first of all to protect my right to life… This is because in Colombia I received a series of death threats against me, like my family and my brother ». More information here

Anti-stain prints work

The lawyer, Alexandro Maria Tirelli, interviewed in the L'Aria broadcast that uses La 7, intervenes in the adoption of fingerprint recognition systems for the validation of entries and exits in the workplace.

Interview with Lawyer Alexandro María Tirelli at RAI

The Italian journalist Titta Masi interviews the lawyer Alexandro María Tirelli - Caracol TV - TVE - RAI

Alexandro Maria Tirelli, the best Italian lawyer, a famous defense lawyer.

Alexandro Maria Tirelli, the best Italian lawyer, a famous defense lawyer interviewed by the national television station Mediaset

Tirelli Radio Matteo Reginatto Case

Extradition Renato De Matteo Reginatto's lawyer, Alexandro Tirelli, speaks to the microphones of the Italian radio RAI

Lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli defends the crew of the Grimaldi Lines Grande Europa ship

Lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli defends members of the crew of the Grande Europa ship from Grimaldi Lines. Navi Grimaldi, svolta sui roghi: in cella tre ufficiali.

International Maritime Law - Alexandro Maria Tirelli

Maritime law is a regulatory body that governs the problems that may arise as a result of the relationships between private law entities dedicated to maritime traffic.

The super narcos oyervides defended by the lawyer alexandro maria tirelli are free

The Italian justice system too slow, after three years since the capture, failed to obtain the extradition of the 48-year-old Mexican Jaime Reynaldo Oyervides, belonging to the Los Zetas bloodthirsty drug cartel and South American leader of the Mafia and Camorra .

RSI interviewed international lawyer Alexandto Maria Tirelli | RSI Switzerland

Swiss radio and television RSI announced the release of the Ticino man arrested in Florida for importing several kilos of liquid ketamine. RSI interviewed international lawyer Alexandto Maria Tirelli, who will explain the continuation of the story to us.

Alexandro Tirelli sul crollo del Pil a Pershyi Natsionalnyi

Italy has a GDP of 1935 billion dollars and a drop of 10 percent is expected in a month, therefore, around 10 percent. I want to point out that Italy, from 1939 to 1945, that is, throughout the time course of the entire world conflict, lost 40 percent of the absolute value of the national economy, with a rate of decline of 8 percent per year.

The current Italian government has minimal popular legitimacy and must be extended to all parties to create an Executive Union Committee for emergencies.

I am afraid Macron defended the continuation of the Conte government during his visit to Naples a short time ago. I am also afraid that the price to pay for the 25 billion "granted" by the European Union is the signature of the Month. I believe that if this signature were reached, it would be the coup de grace for our country and, in addition, the betrayal of all the promises of the 5-star movement towards its voters.