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Alessandro Maria Tirelli

Alexandro Maria Tirelli

Sponsor in Cassazione e Giurisizioni Superiori

After serving as a manager in the export sector, responsible for the legal area in relations with Venezuela and Brazil, Alexandro Maria Tirelli decides to undertake the legal profession.

He has a degree in the Bar of the Council of the Order of Lawyers of Torre Annunziata (nº 3240) of the District of the Court of Appeal of Naples, he practices two years in the law firm of the President of the Criminal Chamber of the Membership Forum, the His Excellency Antonio Cesarano, currently a director of the OUA.

Alexandro Maria Tirelli has acquired a great experience in criminal law, founding three law firms in Naples, Rome and Milan, participating in the most important proceedings against the camorra and the mafia.

In association with professionals worldwide, he founded International Lawyers Associates to specialize in criminal offenses: drug trafficking, money laundering, homicide, tax crimes, fraudulent bankruptcy and medical malpractice.

Thanks to the mastery of multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, English and Spanish, he has constantly collaborated over the years with important firms from the United States, Europe and South America where he begins in the problem of International Criminal Law: Orders European detention, extradition and transfer of prisoners to the Italian legal authorities.

If you, a family member or acquaintance are being held for a crime, we can help you.