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International tax planning

We cover all the needs of the detainee, his family and loved ones.

Entrepreneurs, commercial companies and freelancers are today in the situation of having to deal with a tax burden , like the one exercised by the State, which is so oppressive that it forces them to emigrate to other places.

All this has serious repercussions also on the Italian production system, which is in an unfavorable competitive position compared to the other business forces in neighboring European countries.

It is urgent to do something and find an alternative to the combination: moving abroad / committing tax evasion. One strategy might be to find a way to be subject to the least tax burden possible.

However, this is not always easy: the risk is to run into a path that, in fact, is not legal and respectful of the laws.

Obtaining legitimate tax savings requires legal and generous strategic tax planning in accordance with current national and international regulatory provisions: this is exactly what International Lawyers Associates does, the associated law firm also specialized in tax matters.

If you, a family member or acquaintance are being held for a crime, we can help you.

A legitimate and legitimate escape from the tax burden

International Lawyers Associates, in compliance with the laws and regulations, thanks to the specialization and experience acquired by its team in tax matters, is able to allow its clients to reduce the costs of the tax burden on the matter, fully complying with the dictates of the law.

Everything goes from excellent planning aimed at achieving wider profit margins to accessing higher investment thresholds and / or personal income. In fact, the firm has an ad hoc department completely dedicated to »International Tax Planning«.

The team also carries out, on behalf of citizens and companies, an evaluation and selection of the most appropriate among the different alternative tax regimes, that is, the one that is better than others in line with the needs, at all times, of each client.

Securing capital and business: a necessity today

It is time to end the migratory flow of our productive energies towards the areas that allow higher profit margins.

Thanks to the support of the tax, accounting and / or accounting engineers and attorneys at International Lawyers Associates, it will finally be possible to obtain more comprehensive tax planning. Considering that there is no valid fixed tax planning scheme for each case, the team of this associated law firm examines the operational and technical characteristics of each company, offering each of them a consulting service that leads to concrete and non-rhetorical solutions.

Skills at the service of the company available all year round

Due to the presence of physical offices of the firm in various European and non-European cities, the professionals of International Lawyers Associayes are in a position to guarantee coverage in terms of quality and consistency of services 365 days a year.

His tax planning activity is valid both for Italy and abroad: this means that an entrepreneur who has resorted to these personnel will never be abandoned, not even on his various trips to / from abroad and not even in the event that he does not be physically gift.

Tax Planning Step by International Lawyers Associayes

International tax planning, whether simple or complex, includes:

  • Analysis of the economic and fiscal data of the company and acquisition of information on the modus operandi of the company, taking into account the structure and fiscal regime in detail;
  • Study and identification of all the viable options and in the design of the new structure of the company, according to the possible variants and alternative solutions, depending on the client's needs;
  • Evaluation of the tax engineering project that goes from deciding what tax advantages to obtain, in accordance with a correct and timely risk assessment;
  • Selection of the best fiscal engineering design, with the final choice made known to the employer for approval on the viability of the project in question.

As you can see, behind the tax planning of a new project there is a precise study and a very thoughtful analysis of all the company's data, economic and non-tax and not: only after an estimate of the pros and cons and a valuation that varies. From one case to another, a new, safe, infallible and, obviously, legitimate tax project can be arrived at from all points of view.

This project can be drafted in writing and this can represent valid legal and financial advice.

Assistance to the detainee at the police station

We maintain contact between the affected person and their relatives and loved ones

Before an arrest, the highest priority is to receive specialized legal assistance as soon as possible and to maintain contact with the outside.

 If you or a loved one has been arrested, we can help you.

Assistance at the police station

Assistance to the detainee in the same police units within 12 hours to cover all the needs of the affected person and his family.

Specialized advice

We offer information, assistance and advice to the detainee and his family for the duration of the entire process.

Maximum privacy

Personalized treatment and maximum privacy and discretion for the detainee and his family.

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