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Money laundering

Money laundering is a criminal offense

Money laundering from illegal activities

It is known as money laundering the action of converting or transmitting goods that come from an illegal origin, in addition to the concealment of their origin and the concealment of these assets or capitals. Cases in which the capital or assets that have been hidden come from illegal activities such as drug trafficking, embezzlement or illegal association are considered aggravated crimes and receive higher penalties.

The indictment for money laundering may come from the following acts:

Acquire, convert or transmit assets that come from the realization of a crime.

  • Hide acts to cover up the illegal origin of capital
  • Offer help to people who have committed this crime to avoid justice
  • Hide or not declare capital in order to avoid taxes
  • Use ghost companies

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Penalties for money laundering

Depending on the amount of assets and the nature of money laundering, penalties may vary. Some of the possible penalties for money laundering are:

  • Disabling
  • Prison
  • Fines

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Money laundering in Italy

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