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Sports fraud and Naturalization of Athletes

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The exponential increase in episodes of alteration of sports competitions of all kinds has made it imperative to intervene with a regime made up of very specific rules.

The matter has been regulated by law for almost 40 years, so that the results of a tender are transparent and honest. More specifically, the discipline aims to dissect the concept of "sports fraud", in order to be able to identify without uncertainty the cases that fall within this channel.

Let's try to clarify a topic that is too often silenced and even more often overlooked, even by the media.

If you, a family member or acquaintance are being held for a crime, we can help you.

Sports Fraud: What Cases Are Covered?

Within the scope of sports fraud All those acts and those "behaviors aimed at altering the course or result of the game or competition or ensuring someone an advantage in the classification" are included (art. 6, paragraph 1 of the FIGC Code of Sports Justice).

More specifically, based on Law 401/89, the sports scam crime criminal is divided into two cases:

  • Sports corruption: It is understood as the offer or promise of money or other advantages, both material and moral, to any of the participants in the sports competition intended to influence the result of the competition. This channel can also include conduct, let's call it indirect, aimed at achieving the same end by carrying out fraudulent actions aimed at obtaining a result different from that derived from the correct and fair development of the competition. In both cases, it is good to specify that for the offense in question, therefore sports fraud in a broad sense, it is considered integrated, it is not required that the offer be accepted and / or the promise accepted, nor that the result of the competition be altered in any way, «the only thing that matters is the existence of the periculum, consisting of undermining the loyalty, probity and correctness of the sporting competition ? (Gip Trib. Rome 02/21/1992).
  • Free form fraud: This other kind of offense that integrates the crime of sports fraud is the one referred to in the regulated by art. 1 paragraph 1 Law 401/89. It involves the performance of "other fraudulent acts for the same purpose." These actions, like the previous offense, must be identified in the offer or promise of money or other advantages to a participant in a sports competition.

All of these wrongful charges have already been successfully defended by members of the International Lawyers Associates law firm.

Athletes and Sports Clubs - Here's How to Get Legal Assistance

This prestigious associated law firm is aimed at all professional and semi-professional European sports clubs that compete in all sports disciplines, as well as directly at athletes who need legal assistance in all cases of sports fraud.

The valid team of lawyers who report to the International Lawyers Associates office for years dedicated to naturalization programs for non-European athletes who have direct Italian ancestors, have achieved great results in terms of the recognition of Italian citizenship, by allowing the registration of the athlete in the quality of subject with European nationality.

They are also responsible for completing the naturalization process for athletes in no more than 90 days or, in exceptional and rare cases, in one year.

Naturalization of athletes: What is the situation in Italy?

For years, the staff of International Lawyers Associates has been carrying out a complete consultancy regarding the application and renewal of the necessary permits granted by the Police Authority to those foreign players and athletes who play official tournaments in Europe.

The firm also guarantees serious and thorough criminal assistance when the crime of sports scam is contested. This is to overcome the limit to which Italy is subject: our country, in fact, is still relatively behind in the process of effective and complete integration of foreigners present in the national territory and citizens of origin, while in the case Of the sportsmen naturalizations, these are champions who, born and trained in the sports field in their country of origin, decide to represent their adopted nation in Italy.

It is therefore well understood that, in the light of these facts and these renewed needs, the only real barrier is usually represented by the rigidity of the Italian laws on the acquisition of citizenship.

Here's one more reason why you should contact the attorneys at International Lawyers Associates , who have always dealt with sports fraud , naturalization of athletes, and helpful citizenship paperwork.

Let's open the barriers… let's open the doors to a healthy and fair sport.

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