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Crime for Tax Fraud

Tax Fraud is a criminal offense

Defraud the Public Treasury

The crime for Fiscal Fraud or Fiscal Crime is one in which the Public Treasury is attempted to be defrauded for an amount greater than the one established by the law of the country in which the crime occurs.

Tax Fraud can be committed by a natural person or a legal person or company, so the crime of Tax Fraud can be committed voluntarily or involuntarily in the following circumstances:

  • Defraud the Public Treasury
  • Keep a double accounting
  • Not complying with the obligation to keep an accounting in a legal regime
  • Falsify accounting
  • False data to obtain public aid or subsidies
  • Use a public subsidy for purposes other than those that motivated its granting

The tax fraud offense will be considered serious if the defendant:

  • It belongs to a criminal organization
  • The amount considered very high
  • Ghost companies or tax havens are used in crime
  • The defendant is a public official

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Penalties in crimes for tax fraud

For a tax offense to be considered a criminal offense, the amount defrauded to the Public Treasury must be considered significant and exceed the limits determined by law, and it is not necessary to occur in a single operation.

In the case of not exceeding the amount set by law, it will be paid with a payment accompanied by a fine, but if the Tax Fraud exceeds the limit the penalties can be:

  • Penalty fee
  • Disabling
  • Prison
  • Prohibition to obtain public aid

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Crime for Tax Fraud

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