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White collar crimes

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Coleltti Bianchi crimes, how did this definition come about? It is to Edwin Sutherland, a famous American scholar, to whom we owe the first definition of those who were included in the «white collar crimes«.

These crimes were specifically those committed by subjects with a high social status, which could qualify depending on the position covered, so they mainly referred to people of medium-high social extraction and considerable technical experience, authorized and "socially strong".

In fact, it was concluded that, precisely because of this important role, these subjects were more likely to desire and more easily obtain undue enrichment, even committing, if necessary, serious irregularities sanctioned by criminal law.

That is why it became necessary to circumscribe these white collar crimes distinguishing them from others.

If you, a family member or acquaintance are being held for a crime, we can help you.

Some clarity once and for all on white collar crimes

Very often, white collar crimes they are pointed out not as simple violations of technical standards, but as premeditated behavior that affects different categories of victims.

Among the latter, in fact, is the State: consider the case of corruption committed, for example, by public officials. Many times, thanks to their considerable technical experience and by virtue of the positions they occupy within the same company, administrative workers can be accused of improperly enriching themselves and / or committing serious irregularities sanctioned by criminal law.

The worst thing is that, very often, there is great confusion in the population about the correct identification of white collar crimes.

For example, they are sometimes confused with the more common "professional robberies", with the difference that a professional thief is often considered a criminal, while the employer is considered a respectable citizen.

This disparity is really not understood. It is therefore urgent, first of all, to shed some light on such a complex and controversial issue.

An unjustified social reaction

In recent times, probably due to everyone's desire to lead as peaceful a life as possible, it seems that the social reaction to white-collar crimes has especially aggravated.

In fact, public opinion is increasingly attentive to this type of illegal conduct and to the remedies that the legislator prepares against them.

In truth, it is also a question of ethics, it is also this that is called to regulate the aspects underlying the economic behavior of the company. From here, the very concept of corporate social responsibility spread.

Ethical codes and social balances were born, the former represent a kind of constitutional charter of the company, a charter of moral rights and duties that defines the ethical-social responsibility of each participant in the business organization.

However, white collar crimes continue to be committed and the sentences of those allegedly responsible are increasingly harsh. A vigorous defense is therefore urgently needed.

That is why a "special" defense is needed for white collar crimes.

the people responsible for white collar crimes they certainly need very special assistance. Normally, in fact, this type of client has a very high professional and technical preparation for which he cannot count on a common criminal lawyer, but on a lawyer, or better yet, a team of lawyers, who know the issues very well and Regulations of the Tax and Banking Law .

International Lawyers Associates and its mixed team of criminal and tax attorneys, along with its in-house consultants, is a partner firm that has historically lavished years of professional commitment to 360 ° “white collar” protection.

That is why it can be considered one of the best references for those who are suspected or accused of committing this type of crime.

The attorneys of International Lawyers Associates They are profoundly knowledgeable and studious of business problems, the budget, and the regulations that govern the financial market.

What makes the difference is not only the high level of preparation in these sectors, but also the method adopted, which is the formation of a defensive board, capable of guaranteeing maximum customer service.

Such a thorny and controversial issue deserves a defense with great depth, which is capable of proceeding from a careful analysis of the specific case of white collar crimes. It is better to choose the lawyer in charge of this type of defense very carefully, because it is a legal protection that, as it is easy to guess, not everyone is absolutely capable of guaranteeing.

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